Leon Oldstrong

Writer + Director

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept…" - Angela Davis

I've always wanted to be a filmmaker, but I had always believed that someone like me, a black man from a working class family, could never do such a thing. It was something that other people did, people who didn't look like me. Sure black guys could feature but they weren't the creators. In my previous life as a primary school teacher I was forever telling the children in my care that they could be anything they wanted to be... yet deep down I didn't believe this was true for me. One day I watched a film, a feature film that had been produced on a budget of $6000! I was blown away, right there and then I decided this was something I could do. My claim to fame is I went to the same film school as Quentin Tarantino, which in my opinion is the best film school there is.

I've had enough of watching content told by the same voices and always seeing the same type of people on screen.  My goal is to create the films that I wanted to see growing up but never did. To make sure that my children and so many others like them get to  see role models and heroes that look like them and their family on screen. I fight for, represent and give a voice to marginalised people. My ideas are unapologetic and I strive to produce content that is honest no matter how uncomfortable it makes people feel, this is my story.